Car repair costs can put you back several hundred dollars but ignoring them is not a solution either. The best way to save some money on car repairs is to stay on top of the common car problems and address them before they worsen. If you are unsure whether your car needs servicing, here are the top signs to look out for.

It fails more often than it should

Occasional car breakdown is normal, but when your car breaks down more often than it should, that signals a bigger problem. Your vehicle may need a minor repair, or it could be bigger damage that results when you put off car repairs or service for too long. If you notice that your car is breaking down more often than is normal, engaging a professional mechanic to inspect it is advisable.

You encountered an accident.

Your car will likely suffer many mechanical problems if it gets into an accident. Even if it operates well, calling a mechanic to inspect your car is advisable if you encounter an accident. On the other hand, an accident can lead to many mechanical problems that require informing the insurance company to get the repairs done.

The temperature gauge reads high daily.

If your car’s temperature gauge reads high daily, it could mean that the engine is overheating, the coolant is leaking or evaporating, or a bad water pump. If the coolant evaporates or leaks, a part such as a coolant temperature switch is broken and needs replacement. A damaged water pump can also cause the temperature gauge to read high, and you may have to replace it. If you notice that your car temperature gauge reads high daily, a professional car repair is necessary.

Excessive exhaust smoke

Another warning that something is wrong with your car is when it produces excessive exhaust smoke, which signifies an internal engine problem. You may be able to identify the problem depending on the color of the exhaust smoke. A blue exhaust smoke indicates an oil leak within the motor which may lead to a major engine problem. A black exhaust smoke means that the engine is burning excessive fuel, while a white exhaust smoke indicates a cooling system leak. A professional mechanic can diagnose and address the problem to avoid further damage to the engine.

A grinding noise when braking

When you hear a peculiar noise as you apply your brakes, that is not a good sign. It signifies that the brake pads are worn out and impact your rotors by digging into them as you brake. Addressing the problem before the rotors wear out can significantly reduce repair costs; otherwise, you may have to replace the entire braking system.

Reduced performance

Reduced performance may manifest in the form of a decrease in miles per gallon, poor engine performance, riding low, or tires scraping on the wheel arch of your car. These problems may lead to reduced performance, and a knowledgeable mechanic can diagnose the problem.

last word

Always engage a professional mechanic if you notice any car problem that prevents you from enjoying your drive.