What is DPF filter and how does it work?

What is DPF filter and how does it work?

What is DPF filter and how does it work?

The current EU law enforces the reduction of petrol combustion-related particulate matter emissions. How can you lower them in your car? There are few ways to do so.


The affordability of hybrid and electric cars is increasing, but for the majority of consumers, they’re still out of financial reach. Since they’re a relatively recent invention, their availability on the secondary market is quite low compared to vehicles fuelled by non-renewable sources. Thus, most drivers continue to use gasoline and diesel as fuel even if they’re concerned about environmental issues. 


However, that doesn’t mean that there are no alternative ways to minimize the influence of personal vehicle usage on the environment. If you’re a user of the gasoline or diesel-fuelled car, you can use widely available accessories in order to lower the emissions of particulate matter and toxic gases. The products of combustion can be filtered and neutralized. It is not uncommon that the exhaust fumes are actually cleaner than the air itself as a result of these processes.


Gasoline vs. diesel – what kind of pollutants are they tied to?

When it comes to pollution, gasoline and diesel have a slightly different influence on the environment. In the case of gasoline, the main pollutant released through the combustion processes is particulate matter. Diesel, on the other hand, is tied mainly to nitrogen oxides. It can be neutralized through the usage of AdBlue. 


To remove the particulate matter, on the other hand, you can use the DPF filter. It’s a simple and effective way to remove solid particles from exhaust fumes. However, since the filtrating elements can affect the engine’s effectiveness, some drivers choose the DPF removal. To adapt to the EU regulations, they use the DPF emulator.


DPF emulator – what is it?


What is a DPF emulator? The DPF emulator is a substitute for the DPF filter. Often, the drivers complain that in the case of short-distance exploitation, the filtration lowers the quality of the engine oil. Because of the filter, the combustion is only partial, and the rest of the gasoline reaches the crankcase.


The DPF emulator enables the drivers to remove the filter while still following the EU regulations. In the case of the control, the emission levels appear as low.

The emulator can serve as a substitute for the filtration system. Sometimes, it’s used simultaneously with AdBlue and Iveco OBD code eraser. However, before applying it, it’s worth checking your local regulations to avoid fines. Some regions restrict the usage of such accessories to prevent environmental degradation.