You’re Going To Want An SUV this 2021

You’re Going To Want An SUV this 2021

You’re Going To Want An SUV this 2021SUVs have always operated in the background, but the car market has almost always favored beautiful sedans or big pickup trucks. For some reason, people either naturally gravitated to the affordable nature of the former or the badass feeling of driving the latter instead of the flexibility SUVs offer.

However, now that we’re officially in 2021 and almost through with the first month, we’re starting to see a shift in mindset, and people are beginning to warm up to the idea of getting an SUV. While it did see a sudden rise in popularity over recent years, we could see this trend inch upward even further due to the new normal. So, unless you want to be left behind in the past, let this be the first sign for you to switch.

What’s Wrong With My Truck/Sedan?

Frankly, there’s nothing wrong with owning a truck or sedan, and they’ll still drive perfectly well and will continue to meet your needs. There’s no need to worry about these cars going out of fashion because the rise of SUVs is mostly attributed to their flexibility under this new normal. But, if you have been looking to change or considering purchasing your first car, then hear out the following reasons.

#1 Seating Capacity

When it comes to seating capacity, most midsized SUVs have all other cars beat because they can hold six people and upwards if you purchase the larger models. And when you put this into the context of our new normal, SUVs are the better option for keeping safe and distancing from other people.

  • Getting Around With The Family: If you’re bringing out the family, you can’t really do much with a sedan for plenty of people, and going out with a truck is overkill in most scenarios. So, for most road trips and drives with friends and family, SUVs just fair better and are more than capable of handling off-terrain scenarios. And there are also plenty of luxury models like the Genesis GV80.
  • Extra Cargo Space: While pickup trucks are the kings of cargo and carrying heavy-duty loads, SUVs are also no slack in that department. Of course, you won’t be hauling any of the big stuff, but for most use-cases, the backseat and extra carrying-space are more than enough.

#2 Fits Most Lifestyles

Another advantage to owning an SUV is that these cars generally complement and fit most lifestyles. The higher ground clearance makes them a good candidate for the occasional off-road driving, and it also gives you better visibility when you’re in the city. Plus, they aren’t as overbearing as larger vehicles, and you’ll find plenty of use for their features and even enjoy some quality of life upgrades at the mechanic shop.

  • You Don’t Need A Truck: Realistically speaking, most people don’t really need a pickup truck because the majority are never going to encounter a true off-road experience that requires that level of maneuverability. Plus, most families aren’t hauling anything that requires the muscle of a pickup truck, so SUVs are the more sensible option.
  • Good All-Rounder: Yes, the low-ground clearance and lower center of gravity featured by sedans make them perfect for city driving, but they lack out when met by anything beyond that. So, if you’re looking for a good all-rounder, then SUVs are easily the best option.

Of Course, SUVs Aren’t Perfect.

However, despite how appealing they may sound on certain fronts, we can’t deny that they also have their drawbacks. So, to make this a fair comparison and an excellent benchmark to whether purchasing an SUV is right for you, we should also explore the downsides.

  • Large vs. Midsized: SUV sizes typically fall under two categories, large and midsized. And, most of the time, the midsized options are the better choice overall in terms of expenses, making the larger models iffy in certain cases. Going with a larger model offsets some of the advantages and makes pickup trucks more appealing, and you might end up spending more cash for maintenance.
  • Fuel Efficiency: As with a larger car, they tend to be less fuel-efficient than their smaller counterparts. Of course, some SUVs are very fuel-efficient, but when pitted against most cars, they tend to come out below average. Most of the good fuel economy ones are either hybrids or come at a price premium

But, The Pros Weigh Out The Cons Substantially

When it comes down to the wire, though, the pros heavily weigh out the cons, and especially during these times where being flexible is more important, SUVs meet the criteria. And, unless your lifestyle can do well with just a sedan or require owning a pickup truck, then you’ll find much more longevity with an SUV. So, be sure to take into account all the tradeoffs before you making any final decisions.